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Bio: Dr. Adnan Masood is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning researcher, visiting scholar at Stanford AI Lab, Software Engineer, and Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for Artificial Intelligence. As Chief Architect of AI and Machine Learning at UST Global, he collaborates with Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab, MIT CSAIL, and lead a team of data scientists and engineers building artificial intelligence solutions to produce business value and insights that affect a range of businesses, products, and initiatives. Throughout his career, Dr. Masood has been a trusted advisor to the C-suite, from Fortune 500 companies to startups. Author of Amazon bestseller in programming languages, "Functional Programming with F#", Adnan teaches Data Science at Park University, and has taught Windows WCF courses at UCSD. He is an international speaker to academic and technology conferences, code camps, and user groups. Dr. Masood volunteers as STEM robotics coach for elementary and middle school students. He lives in Florida in constant pursuit to become better at fortnite than his two sons, Zakariya and Ali.


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