Jason van Brackel

Rancher Labs

Jason van Brackel
Twitter: jasonvanbrackel
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jason-van-brackel-ab849a5/
Website URL: https://rancher.com
Blog URL: https://morehuman.software
Bio: Jason is an engineer, speaker, blogger and organizer focused on building enterprise-level distributed systems. He architects, develops, deploys and supports systems, supporting a variety of platforms including .NET, Java, and Kubernetes on bare metal and cloud environments. His personal focus is using technologies like Kubernetes to assist organizations developing next-generation-cloud-native strategies, while also supporting existing legacy and monolithic application investments. He is also the organizer of the Kubernetes Philly Meetup, hosting presenters to educate and grow the Kubernetes community.


Title Skill Level
Multi-Cloud Kubernetes Management with Rancher Some Prior Knowldge Required Details
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