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Title Speakers Skill Level Track Name Timeslot Name
ASP.NET Core SignalR and SignalR Service Andrew Boza Some Prior Knowldge Required .NET and C# 9:10-10:00AM Details
Correcting Common Async/Await Mistakes in .NET Brandon Minnick Deep Dive .NET and C# 11:10-noon Details
Effective, Real World, Logging in .NET Core Applications Mitchel Sellers Some Prior Knowldge Required .NET and C# 1:00-1:50PM Details
Optimize ASP.NET Core Performance with Distributed Cache Iqbal Khan All Skill Levels .NET and C# 2:00-2:50PM Details
Solving Big Problems using GPUs and .NET Patrick Rourke All Skill Levels .NET and C# 3:00-3:50PM Details
Server Side Rendering with React and ASP.NET Core John Fecko Some Prior Knowldge Required .NET and C# 4:00-4:50PM Details
Building APIs for Business Services Shayne Boyer All Skill Levels .NET and C# 10:05-10:55AM Details