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Title Speakers Skill Level Track Name Timeslot Name
Solving Big Problems using GPUs and .NET Patrick Rourke All Skill Levels .NET and C# 3:00-3:50PM Details
PowerApps-Replace InfoPath? GARY BLATT All Skill Levels Agile and Enterprise 3:00-3:50PM Details
Azure Service Fabric in the Real World Jason Milgram All Skill Levels Azure 3:00-3:50PM Details
Your IT Interview Prep Action Item List Marissa Montgomery All Skill Levels Career 3:00-3:50PM Details
It works on my machine! John Callaway All Skill Levels Coding and Architecture 3:00-3:50PM Details
SQL Server Development on Your Platform Of Choice with Containers Kendal Van Dyke All Skill Levels Containers and Microservices 3:00-3:50PM Details
Developing Roomscale VR experiences and games using C# in Unity3d Mark Sebesta All Skill Levels Cool Tech 3:00-3:50PM Details
What's New In SQL Server For The Developer Jeff Taylor All Skill Levels Data and Analytics 3:00-3:50PM Details
Lessons Learned on Microservices Facundo Gauna Some Prior Knowldge Required DevOps 3:00-3:50PM Details
Build Custom AI Image Classifier with CNTK (or Tensorflow), Keras and OpenCV Bhakthi Liyanage Deep Dive Intelligent Cloud and IoT 3:00-3:50PM Details
Being Multiplatfom with Kotlin Ian Thomas Some Prior Knowldge Required Mobile 3:00-3:50PM Details
An Introduction to Secure Coding David Walker All Skill Levels Security and Best Practices 3:00-3:50PM Details
Blazor! All the buzzwords, none of the hassle! Clayton Hunt All Skill Levels Web Dev 3:00-3:50PM Details