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Title Speakers Skill Level Track Name Timeslot Name
Optimize ASP.NET Core Performance with Distributed Cache Iqbal Khan All Skill Levels .NET and C# 2:00-2:50PM Details
Power Apps in the Real World Christopher Cognetta All Skill Levels Agile and Enterprise 2:00-2:50PM Details
Intro to Azure functions ken tucker All Skill Levels Azure 2:00-2:50PM Details
Negotiating your Salary Ray Villalobos All Skill Levels Career 2:00-2:50PM Details
Complex network programming Mahdi Seyednezhad All Skill Levels Coding and Architecture 2:00-2:50PM Details
How to be a Valuable Resource as an Employee or a Contractor Roberta Barbosa All Skill Levels Community and Business 2:00-2:50PM Details
From Zero to Azure with Python, Docker containers, and Visual Studio Code Steven Fowler All Skill Levels Containers and Microservices 2:00-2:50PM Details
Creating a gRPC service using Node Timothy Ferrell Some Prior Knowldge Required Cool Tech 2:00-2:50PM Details
Thinking fast and slow with Lambda Architecture Santosh Hari Some Prior Knowldge Required Data and Analytics 2:00-2:50PM Details
Automated Testing across multiple environments with SpecFlow Ryan Buchanan All Skill Levels DevOps 2:00-2:50PM Details
Xamarin Forms + Azure ADB2C+ Azure Functions + Azure CosmosDB SRINATH (Sam) NANDURI All Skill Levels Mobile 2:00-2:50PM Details
Deep Dive Into Token-based Authentication Will Adams Deep Dive Security and Best Practices 2:00-2:50PM Details
Scraping Data from Websites Miguel Tannous All Skill Levels Web Dev 2:00-2:50PM Details