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Title Speakers Skill Level Track Name Timeslot Name
Building APIs for Business Services Shayne Boyer All Skill Levels .NET and C# 10:05-10:55AM Details
Creating Agile Team Working Agreements: Why and How Karam Labban All Skill Levels Agile and Enterprise 10:05-10:55AM Details
A Developer's Introduction to Azure Active Directory B2C John Garland All Skill Levels Azure 10:05-10:55AM Details
Education and IT Industry Round Table Bill Gaught All Skill Levels Career 10:05-10:55AM Details
Extending the Best Editor on the Planet Brian Clark Deep Dive Coding and Architecture 10:05-10:55AM Details
Never Code Alone: and 3 other ways developers can conquer Orlando John Grosshans All Skill Levels Community and Business 10:05-10:55AM Details
Kubernetes for .NET Developers Facundo Gauna All Skill Levels Containers and Microservices 10:05-10:55AM Details
Head-to-Head: Microsoft Azure vs Amazon Web Services (AWS) Darius Liktorius All Skill Levels Cool Tech 10:05-10:55AM Details
What's New in Creating Data Models and Reporting with Power BI MICHAEL ANTONOVICH All Skill Levels Data and Analytics 10:05-10:55AM Details
How Do You DevOps Jonathan Ash All Skill Levels DevOps 10:05-10:55AM Details
Deep Learning like a Viking: Building Convolutional Neural Networks with Keras Guy Royse All Skill Levels Intelligent Cloud and IoT 10:05-10:55AM Details
F3 - Flutter, Firebase & Fastlane Sivamuthu Kumar All Skill Levels Mobile 10:05-10:55AM Details
All About JWT's Stephanie Chamblee All Skill Levels Security and Best Practices 10:05-10:55AM Details
Hacking the Human Perception Chris DeMars All Skill Levels Web Dev 10:05-10:55AM Details