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Title Speakers Skill Level Track Name Timeslot Name
ASP.NET Core SignalR and SignalR Service Andrew Boza Some Prior Knowldge Required .NET and C# 9:10-10:00AM Details
Agile Self-Improvement Jenn Edge All Skill Levels Agile and Enterprise 9:10-10:00AM Details
Losing your "ARM" "AZ" you move forward with Azure PowerShell Jeff Truman All Skill Levels Azure 9:10-10:00AM Details
Career Design Patterns Chad Bostick All Skill Levels Career 9:10-10:00AM Details
Enterprise Innovation - Oxymoron or Synonym? Rajiv Menon All Skill Levels Community and Business 9:10-10:00AM Details
Microservices: Little Services, Big Apps Doug Lampe Deep Dive Containers and Microservices 9:10-10:00AM Details
7 Steps to Building Mix Reality Applications Dwight Goins All Skill Levels Cool Tech 9:10-10:00AM Details
What's new in PostgreSQL 11 Dave Cramer All Skill Levels Data and Analytics 9:10-10:00AM Details
Create a build and release pipeline for your open source project in Azure DevOps Jeff Putz All Skill Levels DevOps 9:10-10:00AM Details
AI on the Edge Jared Rhodes All Skill Levels Intelligent Cloud and IoT 9:10-10:00AM Details
Flying High with Xamarin! Sam Basu All Skill Levels Mobile 9:10-10:00AM Details
Quantum Computing with Q# and Schrödinger's Cat Adnan Masood, PhD All Skill Levels Security and Best Practices 9:10-10:00AM Details
Do you like to have a beach view from your workspace? Baskar Rao Dandlamudi All Skill Levels Web Dev 9:10-10:00AM Details