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Title Speakers Skill Level Track Name Timeslot Name
Server Side Rendering with React and ASP.NET Core John Fecko Some Prior Knowldge Required .NET and C# 4:00-4:50PM Details
Agile & DevOps Is Dead! Long Live Agile & DevOps! David Walker All Skill Levels Agile and Enterprise 4:00-4:50PM Details
Application Insights Chris Ayers All Skill Levels Azure 4:00-4:50PM Details
My research journey into Augmented Reality Andres Vargas Gonzalez All Skill Levels Coding and Architecture 4:00-4:50PM Details
Women in IT. A survival kit Gilda Alvarez All Skill Levels Community and Business 4:00-4:50PM Details
Introduction to Programming Blockchain with Python Mark J Radacz All Skill Levels Cool Tech 4:00-4:50PM Details
Moving from batch processing to real time with Apache Kafka Allen Underwood All Skill Levels Data and Analytics 4:00-4:50PM Details
Introduction to Azure IoT Suite John Wang Some Prior Knowldge Required Intelligent Cloud and IoT 4:00-4:50PM Details
Using GraphQL with Xamarin Brandon Minnick All Skill Levels Mobile 4:00-4:50PM Details
Chalk Talk - Code Style and Standards Scott Dorman All Skill Levels Security and Best Practices 4:00-4:50PM Details
Introduction to Web Accessibility Ken Bengtsson All Skill Levels Web Dev 4:00-4:50PM Details