Title: Enterprise Project Architecture with ASP.NET Core

Mitchel Sellers Microsoft
Mitchel Sellers

Enterprise Project Architecture with ASP.NET Core
Samples and documentation for ASP.NET Core are some of the best that we have seen in the .NET ecosystem in the past few years. However, even with that, I see many developers struggle to expand from the templates into a real-world application with full separation of concerns as well as modularity. This session will look at a few different architecture approaches and showcase tips and tricks to migrate from the examples into a more traditional architecture supportive of larger application development projects.Highlights of the session will include: managing dependency injection across assemblies, managing logging and configuration information, creating a re-usable database context that can be used for web and other projects as needed, and general project cleanup/production readiness. Attendees will be provided a link to a detailed GitHub repository that will allow them to follow along after the session with all of the information that was provided during the session. With a goal of providing the needed tools for success back at the office.
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.NET Core, Unit Testing, Enterprise
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