Title: Boost your Bot's IQ

Sivamuthu Kumar
Sivamuthu Kumar

Boost your Bot's IQ
Intelligent bots respond as if they can see the world as people see it. They discover information and extract knowledge from different sources to provide useful answers, and, best of all, they learn as they acquire more experience to continuously improve their capabilities. Let us discuss how to add intelligence to the bot using Language Understanding Service (LUIS), Microsoft Bot Framework - NodeJS and Azure Services. In this session, we are going to take close look at the Microsoft’s Bot Builder SDK and LUIS, how to design intelligent conversations, how to track the insights to give a human touch to a chatbot. Come on, make your bot brighter to have a conversation with the human. The session includes Introduction to Microsoft Bot Framework Designing conversational flow - Managing conversation flow is an essential task in building bots. How a bot is able to perform core tasks elegantly and handle interruptions gracefully. Add Intelligence to Bot - How to train LUIS models and add intelligence to Bot Deployment and Analytics - How to deploy chatbot and add Application Insights. Demo - Chatbot that demonstrates the conversational flow and LUIS Language processing
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Deep Dive
chatbot, microsoft, luis
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