Kirk Freiheit

Kirk Freiheit

Twitter: @kirk_freiheit


Bio: Hooked on computers since first laying eyes on Space Invaders at an arcade in the 80's, Kirk has programmed (at least a little bit) with BASIC, 6502 assembly, Turbo Pascal, MODULA-2, Motorola 68000 assembly, 80286 assembly, NewtonScript, C, C++, Objective-C, C#, PowerShell, bash, Python, Ruby, Swift, and a touch of Lisp. PowerShell holds a very dear place in my heart -- both as a user and developer. I've delivered talks at the Orlando Code Camp and the PowerShell Summit covering basic usage, output formatting, and effective module design. Professionally, I've had the pleasure of working on products for great software companies like Microsoft, Veritas Technologies, and Symantec. Most recently, I've been focused on building CI/CD pipelines for cloud-based solutions using Linux, Docker, bash, git, Python, Puppet, and Jenkins.

Approved Sessions

  1. Docker: Contain Yourself!

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