Kirk Freiheit

Kirk Freiheit

Twitter: @kirk_freiheit


Bio: I've been hooked on computers since I first layed eyes on Space Invaders at an arcade, wrote my first BASIC program on an Apple II at school, and taught myself enough assembly language from books to write a few programs on my trusty Commodore 64 (using only an audio tape drive for storage!) before I turned 13. I was an Amiga fan from day one (Christmas 1985) until the last days, working at one of the last Amiga stores in the world: Orlando's own "Intelligent Machines". In the back room, I moonlighted as an Apple Newton developer for Intelligent Designs, Inc -- an early software startup in Orlando. Professionally, I've had the pleasure of working on products for great software companies like Microsoft, Veritas Technologies, and Symantec. After many years of working with C++/Win32/MFC, I jumped head first into the .NET platform (C#/WinForms/WPF/WCF/PowerShell). PowerShell holds a very dear place in my heart -- both as a user and developer. I've delivered talks at the Orlando Code Camp and the PowerShell Summit covering basic usage, output formatting, and effective module design. Two years ago, I jumped into completely uncharted territory again -- using Linux, Docker, bash, git, Python, Puppet, Jenkins, and about two dozen other new (to me) tools to build a pipeline for a new product delivered to the AWS cloud.

    Submitted Sessions

  1. Docker: Contain Yourself!

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