Blain Barton

Senior Technical Evangelist


Blain Barton

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Bio: Senior Technical Evangelist – WW Commercial Software Engineering Raised in Spokane Washington, Blain Barton has been with Microsoft for 25 years and has held many diverse positions. His career started in 1988 as Team Leader in Manufacturing and Distribution, progressing to PSS Team Manager for Visual Basic Product Support 1990, Product Development Consultant for Microsoft Word Division in 1993 then left Microsoft for 5 years working for a Certified Training Education Center as a Microsoft Certified Training for NT 4.0. Blain then resumed his service with Microsoft in 1999 within the OEM Systems Engineering Division and currently serving as a Senior Technical Evangelist.  Blain has organized and delivered a wide array of technical events and has presented over 1000 live events and has received six “top-presenter” speaking awards. He has traveled around the world delivering OEM training sessions on pre-installing Microsoft Windows on new PC’s. Blain has just released his first book, “Setting up your business in the cloud – Microsoft Public Cloud Services” in 2015. He attended Washington State University graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in English/Business and Minor in Computer Science. After college, Blain taught snow skiing on a professional level in the Cascade Mountains before starting his career with Microsoft. As a hobby, Blain runs a 5-acre farm consisting of Sylvestris Silver Date palm trees within his nursery operation in Homosassa Florida. Blain currently resides in Tampa Florida. 

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