Title: App architecture without RDBS vs NoSQL drama

Jeff Putz

Target Audience: Some prior knowledge needed

Time: 11:00AM - 11:50AM

Track: Data

Room: Room 2104

Between the tried and true, enterprise relational database systems that have been around for decades, and the relative new hotness of open source document databases, an entire subculture of zealotry has insisted that you choose a side. However, real life requirements demonstrate a time and place for both flavors of data persistence, and often a mix of the two. Regardless of your chosen development platform, the careful composition of more than one type of database can dramatically simplify your application and better handle larger workloads. Objectives: * Know when to use relational data, and when not to. Fight the urge to normalize everything. * The secret sauce to scale is often precalculation. Aggregate querying is a huge pinch point for many LOB applications. * Documents can hold a ton of serialized data that can be formatted and served to users. You might be surprised to find that relational databases are pretty good for this as well. * Cloud resources open up a world of possibility, where storage is cheap.