Title: Explore Microsoft Azure IoT DevKit, create your own Flight Simulator Environment and fly your own airplane! (Hands-on Lab Signups open)

Blain Barton

Blain Barton
Kevin Wolf

Target Audience: All skill levels

Join us as we take a look at the Microsoft Azure IoT Starter Kit which revolves around the explosive AZ3166 and tooling such as Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio Community Editions as well as the Arduino IDE and Libraries. Learn how to build your own Flight Simulator environment for flying your own airplane (MXChip) and be able to see Airspeed, Heading and Altitude, as well as Pitch and Roll. You'll have a chance to build a comprehensive IoT solution that demonstrates some of the very best features Microsoft Azure has to offer, including IoT Hubs, Event Hubs, Azure Functions, Stream Analytics, and Cognitive Services. The solution you can build "step-by-step" will culminate into an Air-Traffic Control (ATC) app that shows simulated aircraft flying through an ATC sector and warns users when aircraft get too close to each other. Look for a "Hands-on" lab on this at the Code Camp!