Title: Why I Believe Agile Scrum is Genius

Karam Labban

Target Audience: All skill levels

Time: 3:00PM - 3:50PM

Track: Agile/ SDLC Practices

Room: Room 4102

As a traditional project manager (PMP) I always thought I was putting a considerable effort into something the PMBOK, project plans and schedules ..etc didn’t really account for. I never could put my finger on it until I ran into Agile Scrum. It was the team and organizational dynamics and the soft skills that we only gave lip service to. During the session, I will share my Agile transformation journey, a comparison between Agile and Waterfall, and most importantly, why Agile Scrum is, IMHO, genius when it comes to the issues that always troubled traditional project management and teams. Agile and Scrum do not make these issues magically disappear but they provide the right common sense framework to the ScrumMaster to deal with them.