Title: (Micro)Service Discovery Patterns with ASP.NET Core

Cecil Phillip

Target Audience: Some prior knowledge needed

Time: 9:00AM - 9:50AM

Track: .NET & Core

Room: 2

With the advent of Microservice architecture, the software development industry is witnessing another shift in the way we structure and deploy our solutions. We’re breaking apart our large enterprise applications into smaller, more focused and reusable units of functionality which can be scaled independently. Sounds like a win right? But how do we know where the services live? How do we know what services are available? In this talk, we’ll briefly discuss the characteristics of microservices. We’ll dive into the topic of service discovery and take a look at a few basic patterns that you can implement today. We’ll also look at how tools like Consul, Zookeeper and others can be used to implement these patterns.